Welcome to Eucos: a fantasy realm ruled by the six domains where heroes, villains, and everything in between are swept up in the battle of the gods. Dive in to learn more about the cards, characters, and stories of Gods Unchained.

a gallant boat sailing on the seas

Calling all Seafarers!

Aim to set off into the great unknown? There’s more to Eucos than you know, but if you want to sail with us you’re going to have to prove yourself.

Argus Champion of Light

Argus, Champion of Light

When chaos strikes blurring existence itself, one felid attempts to stand for those who can not.


Band of the Wolf: The Stories

A mysterious cult storms the coast and only the Band of the Wolf mercenaries stand between the peaceful Raneko Village and utter destruction.


Orfeo and the Winter Wanderlands

Gather round all ye mortals for a story about will lost, trust found, and mortal struggles on godly grounds!



The epic conclusion to the story of Season 1: Champions Rise.


Cosmic Clues

I may have found something incredible. There are many Creation stories explaining how everything began. What if they are wrong? 


Practicing Eternity

MJ E7: The undead march, and the champions are pushed to join one of the greatest battles of their time!


Five Hundred Eyes

MJ E6: Valka hunts down Orfeo, Champion of Deception, to gain an advantage over her enemies – but what she finds is far more unexpected.


Of Song and Story

MJ E5: The Valknir lay siege to the Academy. But the practitioners of the mystic arts won’t give up their secrets so easily…

The Academy of Mystic Arts

Remedial Chaos Theory

MJ E4: The Academy of Mystic Arts prepares to defend itself against the Valknir, while Pallas senses a greater threat approach.

a solar eclipse over a desert

Children of Parthon

MJ E3: War is on the march, and Lysander and Kadmos travel to Tartessos to prepare for the worst.