Divine Order is all set for sunset

Mortals, Divine Order, is heading for the setting sun. Mark your calendars; sales cease on 19th May at 12 am PDT.

Balancing Blog

May Patch Notes – 0.54

Big patch incoming; we’ve got fixes, we’ve got nerfs and buffs, and the Indiana Jones style Divine Order changes before the door closes on them forever


Practicing Eternity

MJ E7: The undead march, and the champions are pushed to join one of the greatest battles of their time!

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Marketplace Royalty Fees

Gods Unchained introduces Royalty Fees for secondary market transactions

Five Hundred Eyes

MJ E6: Valka hunts down Orfeo, Champion of Deception, to gain an advantage over her enemies – but what she finds is far more unexpected.

Mortal Judgement Hype Train – Contest Winners

Mortals, the gods have picked their champions – find out if fate was on your side!

Of Song and Story

MJ E5: The Valknir lay siege to the Academy. But the practitioners of the mystic arts won’t give up their secrets so easily…

Mortal Judgement Release Patch Notes

We’re delving into what’s changing ahead of launch, and what’s to come after

a weaver working their tarde

Mortal Judgement Buyers Guide

Your go-to guide for packs, drop rates, and content in the Mortal Judgement set.

The Academy of Mystic Arts

Remedial Chaos Theory

MJ E4: The Academy of Mystic Arts prepares to defend itself against the Valknir, while Pallas senses a greater threat approach.

a solar eclipse over a desert

Children of Parthon

MJ E3: War is on the march, and Lysander and Kadmos travel to Tartessos to prepare for the worst.