Insights on the development of Gods Unchained


Daily Play and Earn Feature

Daily Plan and Earn Kicker Bonus Month Starting today, 8th September at 10:30 am AEST, we are launching Daily Play


State of the Economy – July 2022

Gods Unchained is often touted as a prime example of how web3 economies can be designed and run successfully. We


A New Chapter – Journey Roadmap

Greetings Mortal, welcome back. A few weeks ago, in our Building for the Future post, we detailed how we were

Warrior with magic weapons

June Dev Update – #001

Fun stats on Shine Fusing, game fixes and what’s next on the horizon


Weekend Ranked Updates are here!

Expect updates to $GODS rewards pool, rewards structure, the current algorithm, number of required games and more.

Balancing Blog

June Patch Notes – 0.57

Patch incoming! We’re super excited to launch a whole new player onboarding experience with lore-led tutorials, a range of bug fixes & balance updates.


Shine Fusing is now available in the Forge!

Shine Fusing is now available in the Forge at Gods Unchained! You can begin Fusing your Core Set cards, mortals. Expansion sets to follow soon.