Here you’ll find a guide to linking your wallet to Gods Unchained and Immutable X, as well as questions to help you troubleshoot the process. Table of Contents Add a header to begin generating the table of contents

How do I create a wallet? 

 A wallet is a secure space to store your digital goods. If you wish to collect Gods Unchained assets such as NFT cards and $GODS tokens, you’ll need a wallet to do so. There are many different types of wallets, but we recommend using a MetaMask wallet as they are compatible with both Gods Unchained and Immutable X.

Create an Ethereum wallet

  1. Head to
  2. Install the plug-in: Install the MetaMask extension for your chosen browser by clicking “Download” and then selecting your chosen browser. Once downloaded, the extension will appear and continue to exist in the top right of your browser.
  3. Create a wallet: Follow the prompts to “Create a Wallet”. Important: Make sure you write down or store your seed phrase. If you wish to access your wallet on a different device in the future, or lose access to your wallet, this is the only way to do so. If you lose this, you will lose access to your wallet forever – neither we nor MetaMask will be able to restore it for you.
  4. You now have an Ethereum wallet!

How do I connect my wallet to Gods Unchained and Immutable X?

In order to trade your items in Immutable X, you will need to connect your MetaMask wallet to both Gods Unchained and to Immutable X. If you already have a wallet connected to your Gods Unchained account, skip to the ‘Link your wallet(s) to Immutable X’ section. It’s important to note that connecting and linking your wallet doesn’t give Gods Unchained or Immutable X any power over your wallet or its contents, it simply shows which items belong to you so you can play with and trade them, while also providing a destination to send your digital assets and rewards to. That’s the beauty of true ownership!

Connect your wallet(s) to Gods Unchained

A wallet is required to receive prizes from Weekend Ranked events, or to purchase cards.
  1. Before starting, make sure you are logged into your MetaMask extension in your browser. If you don’t have one, follow the install instructions previously stated in ‘Create an Ethereum Wallet’.
  2. Login to your Gods Unchained account by clicking “Sign In” in the top right of
  3. Click on your player icon in the top right of the page, then click on Manage Wallets
  4. Click on the “Connect Web Wallet” button. Note: If nothing happens when clicking this button, make sure to 1. Check that popups are not blocked for your browser, and 2. You have signed into your MetaMask wallet through the extension, found in the top right of most browsers. 
  5. Your browser’s MetaMask extension will respond. If the extension does not automatically open after clicking this button, manually open the extension by clicking on the fox symbol in the top right of your browser and log in to your MetaMask account.
  6. Confirm the wallet address you wish to connect to your GodsUnchained account.
  7. Click the “Add wallet to GU” button to connect your wallet to Gods Unchained. Tip: If the button doesn’t connect your wallet, you may need to refresh and log in to your MetaMask account again.
  8. Sign the request in your MetaMask extension to connect your wallet to Gods Unchained.
  9. It may take a moment to connect. You will then see your new address added to the Gods Unchained Manage Wallet page. If it does not appear, try refreshing the page.

Link your wallet(s) to Immutable X

In order to trade items, you will need to link your wallets to Immutable X.
  1. Check that your wallet is connected to Gods Unchained. If the address is visible on the Manage Wallets page, it is connected.
  2. Click “Link a wallet to X”.
  3. The Immutable X Link panel will open in a pop up. If it doesn’t, ensure popups are enabled in your browser and try again.
  4. Check that your wallet address in the “Sign in with your wallet” popup screen matches the wallet address you want to connect. If not is not the correct wallet, click the “Change” link seen above the current wallet address.
  5. Click ‘Sign In’ to head to the signature screen.
  6. Click ‘Sign’ to sign the request to link your wallet to Immutable X.
  7. A unique Immutable X Key is created and registered to your Ethereum private key.
  8. You now have an Immutable X Key, and can trade on the Marketplace.
  9. If your wallet address now has a “✓ Linked” next to it, you are done!

Set a Default Wallet

If linking more than one wallet, it’s important to assign your default wallet so any rewards you receive are sent to the right place. To do so, head to the Manage Wallets page and simply click the three dots to the right of your wallet, and select “set as default”.

What is Immutable X?

  Immutable X is the first layer 2 scaling solution for NFTs on Ethereum, providing mainstream scalability and gas-free transactions. It removes the cost-barrier from peer to peer trading, ensuring you can trade your assets without worrying how much you’ll pay in transaction fees. It also gives users instant trade confirmation, making trades faster and easier – all without compromising user custody. As stages roll out, Immutable X will help unlock game mechanics like fusing and in-game rewards, enriching play to earn for all.

When can I use Immutable X?

Right now! Immutable X is rolling out in stages and is now available for trading. The platform is rolling out in stages, and you can view all the stages here.

Are my items safe on Immutable X?

Yes. A layer 2 solution means Immutable X is secured by Ethereum (which is layer 1). We never compromise on Ethereum L1 validating every Immutable X transaction. Rollups consist of a smart contract and an environment to process trades. This environment generates a proof and sends that proof to the smart contract on L1. Learn more about how Immutable X ensures your assets are secure here.

What systems/things do I need to use Immutable X?

System: A PC or Mac desktop operating system. Browser: Chrome, Firefox, Brave, or Edge. Wallet: MetaMask. At this stage, the only wallet-management tool both Gods Unchained and Immutable X support is MetaMask. If you are using a different tool to manage your wallet, you can import your private key into MetaMask to access Immutable X.

What is a wallet and why do I need one? Isn’t my Gods Unchained account enough? 

A wallet is a secure place to store your digital items, whether they be cards, boards, trinkets, ETH or anything else you may come across.  When you purchase anything from the Gods Unchained store, trade a card on the Immutable X marketplace, or receive an expansion pack reward in Weekend Ranked, these are all sent and stored in your wallet, but only if you have one linked to your Gods Unchained and Immutable X accounts. Wallets can also be used beyond Gods Unchained and Immutable X. They are the universal system that the Ethereum network uses to identify individual users, so all trades are done using wallets. Every wallet has a unique wallet address, and this is the thing that links your digital assets to you. What’s more, a wallet is completely free to set up and own.

What if I have assets in multiple wallets?

Immutable X will treat each wallet as a separate account, so you will not see a unified inventory like in Gods Unchained. If your assets are stored across multiple wallets, you will need to switch between accounts to view and trade your assets. 

Why is nothing happening when I click buttons? 

Here are a couple of common solutions:
  1. The wallet linking process requires the GodsUnchained website to open popup windows from Immutable X and MetaMask throughout this journey. Make sure your browser is not blocking popups from
  2. Certain buttons such as “Add wallet to GU” will open a popup window to MetaMask. You will need to complete this before proceeding. Nothing will visibly change on the main page until this step has been completed so, if the MetaMask popup window doesn’t automatically open, it can give the perception that nothing is happening when you are clicking the button. To remedy this, click on the MetaMask symbol (it looks like a fox’s head) next to the URL address bar at the top right of your browser’s window. This will open your MetaMask extension and allow you to continue. 
  3. Certain buttons such as “Link a wallet to X” will open an Immutable X popup window. You will need to complete this before you proceed. If you can’t see the Immutable X popup window, minimise your browser to try and find it, or look for another window. If you still can’t find it, return to the Manage Wallets screen and refresh to try again. 

Why won’t my wallet link?

You may be trying to link a wallet that is already linked. 
  1. If this wallet has already been linked to a different Gods Unchained account, you will not be able to link it to a second account. To remove it, simply click the Remove Wallet option on the Manage Wallets screen.
  2. You may be accidentally trying to connect the same wallet address without realising it. Check that the wallet address in the Manage Wallets page, your MetaMask extension and the Immutable X popup window are all the same to ensure that you are connecting the right wallet.

Can I link my wallet to multiple Gods Unchained accounts?

No. While you can link multiple wallets to one Gods Unchained account, you cannot link one wallet to multiple Gods Unchained accounts. This is because your assets are tied to your specific account, and to stop multiple users from using the same cards all at the same time.  You can now remove wallets you no longer want associated with your GU account directly from the wallet management interface.  
How do I know that my wallets have been linked?  If your wallet address appears in the Manage Wallets page of the Gods Unchained website then it is connected to your Gods Unchained account.  If your wallet has the text “✓ Linked” next to it, it is linked to Immutable X.

How do I remove a wallet

You can easily remove a wallet yourself.  To do so, head to the Manage Wallets page and simply click the three dots to the right of your wallet, and select “Remove wallet”.  

What is gas/why do we need Immutable X? 

The Ethereum network (a blockchain) is the technology at the heart of Gods Unchained that allows you to own/trade/sell your cards and in-game items. It’s awesome. Over the last year, gas prices have skyrocketed, hindering trading, and this isn’t set to change anytime soon. For a game that is built around card trading, this is not great.  Gas prices are basically the transaction fees of the Ethereum network. The network calculates the cost necessary to enact a transfer or a contract, and the user pays it themselves. It is charged whenever you want to move something from one place to another (peer to peer trading/buying/selling cards), or add something to the network (purchasing/minting new cards). In some cases, gas prices have even been more expensive than the price of a single purchase, so blockchain gaming needed a solution. That solution is Immutable X. As a layer 2 solution, it works with the Ethereum network to provide secure, instant transactions with zero gas fees. The outcome? Not only will Gods Unchained users will be able to trade without the hindrance of gas, creating and minting will be much more affordable, unlocking play to earn mechanics like never before.  
Is your issue not covered here? Contact support and we’ll help you get sorted.