Winter Wanderlands: Balance Lock

Howdy Mortals, We know you’ve been wondering whether there would be a Winter Wanderlands Balance Patch. The balance time period


Patch Notes: January 18, 2023

Howdy! This week we’ve had some improvements, as the update was pushed out yesterday. Here is what we have done!


Patch Notes: December 21st, 2022

Mortals, After much deliberation, the team has decided to not make any more changes to balance for Mortal Judgement. Marking


Patch Notes: 0.79

Howdy Mortals, This patch will just have a few bug fixes! This patch will go live on December 13th at


Patch Notes – 0.77

Mortals! It’s time for our weekly patch. This patch happens at 4PM PST on Tuesday, November 29th with minimal downtime!

Patch Notes

Patch Notes – 0.76

Howdy Mortals, This patch brings both a new feature and a bug fix! Feature: Tutorial Mission 3 Bug Fix: Martyr