Gods Unchained

A photo of fusing cards in action.

The Fusing Beta Has Arrived!

 Some simple maths… 2 + 2 = 4. Plain + Plain = Bronze.  No, this isn’t a number sequence riddle,


The Genesis Raffle – Win a Mythic!

Gods Unchained just got a whole lot more rewarding! From now until October 17th players will be rewarded with “Genesis

Genesis cards_evaluation


What makes a card good or bad? Ideally, you’d like to be able to figure this out before getting smacked

New Game Modes

New Game Modes

Part of the balancing beta is the opportunity to introduce and experiment with new game modes! The development team has

Balancing Blog

Balance Blog – Neutral Theory

Hello mortals, welcome back to the balance blog! For this week’s discussion I’d like to talk about something that the

gods unchained beta balance blog
Balancing Blog

Balance Blog – July 10

Welcome mortals to the first balance blog! From this patch onward when we make balance changes to Gods Unchained there

Card Sets

The Genesis Set: Explained

What is a set? A set is a collection of cards which are grouped by an event or a theme.

God Powers

God Powers 2.0

This week’s patch introduces a refresh of God Powers with redesigned depth and balance. God Powers fundamentally drive the meta


Open Sesame

BOOM! We just let everyone with a registered Apollo account into the Gods Unchained beta. As we’ve ramped up over the last


Update v0.14

Update 0.14 is here and it’s… our largest ever.  A New Client & User Interface Once upon a time, all player activity


Update v0.12 – Collection Draft

Introducing Collection Draft We’re excited to announce a new game mode, Collection Draft, has been added to the private beta.