PTR – Sealed Deck Instructions

Here’s all the information required to access the Public Test Realm (PTR), helping you get set up and access Sealed Deck mode.


  • Entry to the event costs 5,000 Stars.
  • All players on the PTR will be given 20,000 Stars to commence the event.
  • Event start time is Sunday Feb 7 @ 5PM PST.
  • Entry cutoff is Thursday Feb 11 @ 11PM PST (1 hour before event end time).
  • Event end time is Friday Feb 12 @ 12AM PST.


  • Game Modes available on the PTR are currently limited to Sealed Deck, and Solo.
  • Stars will not transfer between Realms.
  • Mortals do not need to earn Stars on Beta Realm (the realm mortals usually play on) to participate on PTR Realm.
  • Stars spent and earned on PTR Realm will not affect a player’s balance on Beta Realm.

Set Up Instructions

  1. Download and install the Immutable Launcher from the Gods Unchained website, as per normal. Note: If you already have it (which is very likely the case) skip this step.
  2. Boot the Launcher, log-in as per normal.
  3. Once on the Launcher main screen, navigate to:
    1. The Options Menu
    2. Select the Gods Unchained tab
    3. Select the PTR Realm from the dropdown list
  • The Launcher may ask you to download an update. Click Update to do so.
  • Click to join the Sealed Event.Joining Sealed will cost 5,000 Stars.
  • As part of your participation in the PTR, we will be providing you with 20,000 Stars.
  • Note that these Stars cannot be transferred between realms – they will not be available to spend on Beta realm.
  • Select a Domain for the event.Your Domain will influence the cards you are given as part of the event, but you will receive cards from other Domains too!
  • Click Continue to proceed into the Deckbuilder.You will be given 60 cards from across all Domains.
  • Build a deck of 30 cards to proceed.
  • Once you’re back on the Arena screen, click Play to join the queue!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I switch back to the regular Beta realm?

Like you did to get into the PTR, navigate to the Options menu and select the Gods Unchained tab. You can select Beta from the dropdown list.

Do I get to keep anything from the PTR?

No, nothing that happens within the PTR realm will translate across to your regular Beta account. This most obviously includes prizing and Stars, but also other elements like XP.

Will we need to fill out a non-disclosure agreement to use the PTR?

No, you are not required to complete a non-disclosure agreement and you are welcome to talk about what you experience in the PTR. We do have three new Discord channels set up for PTR-specific discussions that are exclusive to those with access. These are:

  • #ptr-general
  • #ptr-feedback
  • #ptr-help

Can I stream or take videos within the PTR?

You are more than welcome to stream or take videos within the PTR, as long as it is clear that this is not the finished product and may change (or break) before it is live. There is a watermark on the left-hand side of the launcher to denote that you are currently within the PTR.

When will Sealed Deck be live on Beta?


We currently expect for Sealed Deck to run on the PTR for at least a couple of weeks before we set it live. We’ll be watching the PTR closely to see what we need to tweak before we do.