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End of Turn – Order of Operations

Competitive play is a key part of the Gods Unchained experience. This is the current logic for End of Turn order of operations.

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Play to Earn with Weekend Ranked

Play Ranked matches on weekends to earn rewards!

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Getting Started: A Step by Step Guide

Glory & loot are open to you, mortal! We’re here to guide you through the first stages of Gods Unchained.

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The Sanctum — Gain the Favor of the Gods

Gain Favor, grab cards, and crush your opponent. Welcome to the Sanctum, mortal.

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New Player Guide: Learn The Basics

We cover the basics of combat and game mechanics to get new players up to speed.

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welcome set header

Welcome Set: 27 of the Best & Brightest Cards

The Welcome Set offers many potent weapons to wield in combat. Here’s a guide to some of the hidden gems.

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