Shine Fusing is now available in the Forge!

Shine Fusing is now available in the Forge at Gods Unchained! You can begin Fusing your Core Set cards, mortals. Expansion sets to follow soon.


Reaching Mythic: The Gods’ Advice

Achieving Mythic rank is one of the toughest challenges you’ll face in Gods Unchained. We’ve got your back.


5 Essential Card Game Skills

Every card game is different, but certain principles apply across the whole genre. Understanding these principles is crucial to your


Meta Report (Dec 10: Ranked Constructed)

Mythic player and community contributor, Saints, breaks down the most effective decks and strategies currently being used in PVP. The


12 Essential Card Mechanics

One of the most often requested help tools from the community is a breakdown of the different card mechanics and

Balancing Blog

Balance Blog – Sept 24 (Overkill)

Hello mortals! Welcome to your weekly balance update. We’ve been really pleased with the current state of the game and