Prestiging Collector’s Items

Hi Everyone! @Nnooo here. We are happy to announce that we are adding a new way to earn extra, bonus, versions of the Genesis Board and the Referral Hydra Trinket!!…


Wrapped Packs vs Emotes

Matchup #10: Wrapped Packs v Emotes  Option 1: Wrapped Packs Step right up! Welcome to the marketplace!  Would you like to trade your bag of oranges for another bag of oranges? Sounds kinda…


Emotes vs Streamer Signature VFX

Matchup #4: Emotes vs Streamer Signature VFX In the last matchup, Deception proved too cunning for Death, with Ludia just edging out Malissus for preference. This time around we’re taking…


Introducing: Genesis Rewards

Greetings mortals!  Whenever we release a new feature, we invest a lot of time compiling and sending around feedback that our community provides us.  Sometimes this feedback helps us iterate…


War Trinket vs Nature Trinket

Matchup #2: War vs Nature Trinket Set For round two of Genesis Rewards we’re pitting old foes against each other. War will face off against Nature to see whose unique set of trinkets will make…

Deception vs Death: Genesis Rewards Trinket

Matchup #3: Deception vs Death Trinkets Auros and Aeona, ultimately futile in their attempt to capture victory have been replaced with two new challengers. Round three of Genesis Rewards we’re pitting new foes against each other….