Marketplace: Buyer’s Update

The players have spoken and we’ve listened! Continuing the swathe of regular improvements to the Official Gods Unchained Marketplace, today we’re introducing some features that will streamline the buying experience…

Chapter 5: Orfeo’s Origin — Masks

The gods have agreed to a divine contest and prepared the Grand Arena. Now each god must choose a champion from among their mortal followers. The champions have one thing…

The Sanctum Image

Update 0.21 – Sanctum & Favor

Update 0.21 introduces a new mechanic, the Sanctum. We also made updates to the turn timer, bag of tricks, and introduced a host of bug fixes and quality of life improvements.

Market watch

Marketplace Feature: Market Watch

Following on from the launch of the web-Marketplace, we’ve been hard at work implementing new features to improve the UX and UI. The first of these improvements is the Market…