a solar eclipse over a desert

Children of Parthon

MJ E3: War is on the march, and Lysander and Kadmos travel to Tartessos to prepare for the worst.

Selena riding a moose

The Lie of the Land

MJ E2: Selena senses a disturbance in the natural world. She must find a solution… before it’s too late.

Mortal Judgement PTR Access

Mortal Judgement Public Test Realm

The next expansion has been announced, the hype train has left the station, the memes have begun. Mortal Judgement launch

Neferu with Undead Warriors

One Land, Two Kings

MJ E1: With the gods chained, Neferu moves to lead her people to greatness, whatever the cost.


Designing Mortal Judgement

Q+A with Kindofsquishy and VideoJames on all things Gods Unchained and Game Design.


State of the Beta – March 2022

Game Director Chris Clay sounds off on what’s to come in 2022, including daily play and earn and the next expansion.

Card Sets

Core Set Refresh is almost here

Hey all, Chris Clay here, Game Director of Gods Unchained. It’s been a little over five months since the Divine