Asset Interoperability: A Game Changer

The ability to share assets across applications is a new frontier in gaming. With the power of blockchain technology, developers


Meta Report (Dec 16: Ranked Constructed)

Mythic player and community contributor, Saints, analyses the most effective play strategies being employed in Weekend Ranked PVP. The Skinny Nature

Card Sets

Tradable Chests & Upgraded Contracts

Today we have two large announcements, starting with upgrades to our contracts, and ending with the release of a new

Balancing Blog

Balance Blog – Oct 1st (Welcome Back)

Hello mortals! Welcome to your weekly balance update. In this update we’re focusing on living cards that were previously unlived


12 Essential Card Mechanics

One of the most often requested help tools from the community is a breakdown of the different card mechanics and


Benefits Of A Digital Card Game

Card games are basically as old as time, but it took a surprisingly long time for the genre to truly