Everything you need to know about Gods Unchained gameplay


Game Update 0.39 – A Divine Shift

Well lookee here! There’s a large amount of new content dropping with 0.39, and all of this could spell a


What’s in Divine Order?

New keywords, god powers, cards and even a one-of-a-kind Mythic – see what the new expansion has in store.


Divine Order: God Powers

Divine Order will see God Powers streamlined, shifting focus from divine intervention to the cards themselves.

Card Sets

Upcoming Balance and Sanctum Changes

Some cards are set in stone, others move with the tide. Balancing aims to keep the game fair, with the Core set playing host to our most malleable cards.

Balancing Blog

Sanctum Shakeup

The gods have some new favorites in the Sanctum. It’s time to call upon new allies!


God Powers – The Champions

The next set is in the works and its reach spills beyond the cards themselves. Lead Game Designer Thandrie “Seeker” Davis has the floor…


Sealed Deck Approaches

Sealed Deck is back! And it’s got a shiny new coat. Lead Game Designer Thandrie “Seeker” Davis has the scoop.


Stars and the Star Store

Stars are an in-game resource that allow you to purchase cards from the Star Store.