Divine Order: Six Triumphs

The gods’ plan is coming to fruition now the champions have proven themselves worthy… but what do they really want?


Divine Order: Buyers Guide

The new expansion set brings powerful new cards and mechanics. Here’s all the info on cards, prices, and card packs.


Orfeo’s Trial

The Champion of Deception is sets out to slay a Hydra, but there’s more afoot than the Gods let on…


What’s in Divine Order?

New keywords, god powers, cards and even a one-of-a-kind Mythic – see what the new expansion has in store.


Trial of the Gods Balancing Phase Extended

The Balancing Phase is set up to ensure new cards are a healthy addition to the game as a whole before having their values locked off for good.


Trial of the Gods: Buyers Guide

Welcome to the latest expansion: Trial of the Gods! While our first set, Genesis, showcased the power of expansion cards,