Insights on the development of Gods Unchained


Game Update 0.23 – A New Dawn

It’s update time! 0.23 brings with it visual changes that will rock the very foundations of the Arena, and we’re


Introducing Immutable X

We’re building a non-custodial exchange! One that will greatly improve Gods Unchained’s functionality and scalability. Since our beta launch in

The Sanctum Image

Game Update 0.21 – Sanctum & Favor

Update 0.21 introduces a new mechanic, the Sanctum. We also made updates to the turn timer, bag of tricks, and introduced a host of bug fixes and quality of life improvements.


On Bots and Bans

With the increase of bots coming into the game world, we’ve been taking proactive measures to maintain a healthy player


Asset Interoperability: A Game Changer

The ability to share assets across applications is a new frontier in gaming. With the power of blockchain technology, developers


Update 0.20 & State Of The Beta

Operation: extermination. That’s what this update should’ve been called. We tracked, hunted and eliminated more bugs than you can poke

Balancing Blog

Balance Blog – Oct 1st (Welcome Back)

Hello mortals! Welcome to your weekly balance update. In this update we’re focusing on living cards that were previously unlived