Card Sets

The different card sets and options in Gods Unchained

Card Sets

Welcome Set Release Guide

Welcome to the Welcome Set! 70 new cards designed to get new players up to speed. Build, edit and compete using your god of choice.

Card Sets

The Tales Told By Secondary Markets

Most digital card games either completely forbid trading between players or severely limit their options. It’s one of the main

Card Sets

Tradable Chests & Upgraded Contracts

Today we have two large announcements, starting with upgrades to our contracts, and ending with the release of a new

Card Sets

Prestiging Collector’s Items

Hi Everyone! @Nnooo here. We are happy to announce that we are adding a new way to earn extra, bonus,

Card Sets

Introducing: Genesis Rewards

Greetings mortals!  Whenever we release a new feature, we invest a lot of time compiling and sending around feedback that

Card Sets


Get ready for a double-take… this week’s update will be introducing a complete overhaul of the card fronts!  We’re pretty

Card Sets

The Genesis Set: Explained

What is a set? A set is a collection of cards which are grouped by an event or a theme.