Card Sets

The different card sets and options in Gods Unchained

Balancing Blog

Trial of the Gods Balancing Phase Extended

The Balancing Phase is set up to ensure new cards are a healthy addition to the game as a whole before having their values locked off for good.

Card Sets

Meta Report: This is War!

Looking to climb to Mythic? Or maybe you want the best new decks and archetypes? If you’re looking to succeed,

Card Sets

Trial of the Gods: Buyers Guide

Welcome to the latest expansion: Trial of the Gods! While our first set, Genesis, showcased the power of expansion cards,

Card Sets

Shadow & Mythic Prize Draws

UPDATE 20 July: The final draw: the Mythic Draw has been drawn – congratulations to all the winners involved. Did you

Card Sets

Card Reprints and Prestiging

As Gods Unchained continues to grow, we may need to reprint cards from future sets to ensure a healthy balance