Practicing Eternity

MJ E7: The undead march, and the champions are pushed to join one of the greatest battles of their time!


Five Hundred Eyes

MJ E6: Valka hunts down Orfeo, Champion of Deception, to gain an advantage over her enemies – but what she finds is far more unexpected.


Of Song and Story

MJ E5: The Valknir lay siege to the Academy. But the practitioners of the mystic arts won’t give up their secrets so easily…

a solar eclipse over a desert

Children of Parthon

MJ E3: War is on the march, and Lysander and Kadmos travel to Tartessos to prepare for the worst.

Selena riding a moose

The Lie of the Land

MJ E2: Selena senses a disturbance in the natural world. She must find a solution… before it’s too late.

Neferu with Undead Warriors

One Land, Two Kings

MJ E1: With the gods chained, Neferu moves to lead her people to greatness, whatever the cost.


Best Friends: The Man’s Hat

“I’ve never met a badger before. What’s your name?” “Badger,” said Badger. “A fine name for a badger, my name is Eagle, like all eagles.”