Practicing Eternity

MJ E7: The undead march, and the champions are pushed to join one of the greatest battles of their time!


Five Hundred Eyes

MJ E6: Valka hunts down Orfeo, Champion of Deception, to gain an advantage over her enemies – but what she finds is far more unexpected.


Of Song and Story

MJ E5: The Valknir lay siege to the Academy. But the practitioners of the mystic arts won’t give up their secrets so easily…

The Academy of Mystic Arts

Remedial Chaos Theory

MJ E4: The Academy of Mystic Arts prepares to defend itself against the Valknir, while Pallas senses a greater threat approach.

a solar eclipse over a desert

Children of Parthon

MJ E3: War is on the march, and Lysander and Kadmos travel to Tartessos to prepare for the worst.

Selena riding a moose

The Lie of the Land

MJ E2: Selena senses a disturbance in the natural world. She must find a solution… before it’s too late.

Neferu with Undead Warriors

One Land, Two Kings

MJ E1: With the gods chained, Neferu moves to lead her people to greatness, whatever the cost.


Best Friends: The Man’s Hat

“I’ve never met a badger before. What’s your name?” “Badger,” said Badger. “A fine name for a badger, my name is Eagle, like all eagles.”