Citadel Herald


Game Update 0.36 – Greater Insight

Focusing on putting eyes where they’re needed, this update connects the dots for disconnects, suppresses softlocks, and more.


Game Update 0.35 – Locked and Loaded

Update 0.35 unlocks some important stability fixes, with a particular focus on softlocks and other quality of life improvements.


Game Update 0.34 – Tinkering and Toiling

With this release, the Gods Unchained team is hammering down on some important upgrades to the mulligan phase, loading screen, combat recorder and more.


Game Update 0.33 – Full Speed Ahead

We’re charging ahead with Update 0.33 to speed up in-game animations! This also includes some other upgrades to client popups and more under the hood.


Stability Bundle – Closing the Loop

We’re closing the loop on Update 0.32 with this bundle, with fixes to the Delve mechanic, as well as a few other cards!

Balancing Blog

Sanctum Shakeup

The gods have some new favorites in the Sanctum. It’s time to call upon new allies!