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Card Sets

Divine Order: Buyers Guide

The new expansion set brings powerful new cards and mechanics. Here’s all the info on cards, prices, and card packs.


What’s in Divine Order?

New keywords, god powers, cards and even a one-of-a-kind Mythic – see what the new expansion has in store.

Card Sets

Interview: Owning a Mythic Card

The one-of-a-kind Citadel of the Gods card has been delivered! Learn what’s in store for the Trial of the Gods Mythic card.


Welcome to the PTR

The Player Test Realm (PTR) lets you test upcoming features for a limited time.

Card Sets

Upcoming Balance and Sanctum Changes

Some cards are set in stone, others move with the tide. Balancing aims to keep the game fair, with the Core set playing host to our most malleable cards.


Mythic Draw Approaches

The Mythic Draw is almost here, with plenty of prizes to be won for those who hold valid Draw Tickets.


Game Update 0.36 – Greater Insight

Focusing on putting eyes where they’re needed, this update connects the dots for disconnects, suppresses softlocks, and more.