Citadel Herald

Card Sets

Upcoming Balance and Sanctum Changes

Some cards are set in stone, others move with the tide. Balancing aims to keep the game fair, with the Core set playing host to our most malleable cards.


Mythic Draw Approaches

The Mythic Draw is almost here, with plenty of prizes to be won for those who hold valid Draw Tickets.


Game Update 0.36 – Greater Insight

Focusing on putting eyes where they’re needed, this update connects the dots for disconnects, suppresses softlocks, and more.


Game Update 0.35 – Locked and Loaded

Update 0.35 unlocks some important stability fixes, with a particular focus on softlocks and other quality of life improvements.


End of Turn – Order of Operations

Competitive play is a key part of the Gods Unchained experience. This is the current logic for End of Turn order of operations.


Game Update 0.34 – Tinkering and Toiling

With this release, the Gods Unchained team is hammering down on some important upgrades to the mulligan phase, loading screen, combat recorder and more.


Game Update 0.33 – Full Speed Ahead

We’re charging ahead with Update 0.33 to speed up in-game animations! This also includes some other upgrades to client popups and more under the hood.


Stability Bundle – Closing the Loop

We’re closing the loop on Update 0.32 with this bundle, with fixes to the Delve mechanic, as well as a few other cards!