Introducing Sealed Mode: Only The Skilled Dare Enter

Gods Unchained introduces Sealed Mode – battle your opponents with a pool of cards from 3 domains!

A new challenge awaits the bravest Mortals – a battleground where only the ultimate strategic masters can prevail.

Gods Unchained introduces Sealed Mode, a brand-new permanent game mode with exclusive rewards the more you win!

Sealed Mode launch date is September 14th 11am AET.

In Gods Unchained’s Sealed Mode, players are given a pool of randomized cards to build a synergistic deck with to vanquish their opponents.

Now, victory relies not on the strength of your collection, but the sharpness of your skills.

The odds are even. Do you dare enter?

Sealed Mode Gods Unchained

What is Sealed Mode?

Sealed mode is a new permanent ranked mode with the following characteristics: 

  • Players will get a random selection of 3 Gods that they can choose from to play with.
  • Player are offered 60 cards from the three randomly selected domains. There are 12-20 random cards from each of the three domains, at least 4 of which are spells. The rest of the cards are random neutral cards.
  • Of the total 60 cards, 12 are 3 mana and below, at least 3 cards are 6 mana, at least 3 cards are 7 mana, and 8 and 9 mana cards are not force-offered
  • The card pool includes cards from the following sets: Welcome, Core, Genesis, Etherbots, Mortal Judgement, Winter Wanderlands, and Band of the Wolf
  • Players can use multiple copies of Legendaries and cross-domain cards
  • A win-based reward system rewarding players with Card and Cosmetic Packs
  • There is a 15 $GODS buy-in giving players access to the mode

How Does Sealed Mode Work?

1️⃣ Pay the 15 $GODS buy-in and confirm in your wallet

2️⃣ Choose your God from 3 randomized God choices

3️⃣ Build a deck from the randomized card pool from the 3 domains

Note that you can go back and change your selected God

4️⃣ Compete in a gauntlet run for 7 wins or 3 losses (whichever comes first)

5️⃣ Claim your rewards – more wins, more rewards!

Note that you may retire the gauntlet run early and still claim your rewards. But you will end your streak and your buy-in will not be refunded.

6️⃣ Open your Card and Cosmetic Packs!

More Wins, More Rewards

Sealed mode introduces a new way to win rewards in Gods Unchained, with each win in your streak ratcheting up the amount of rewards you receive.

Here are the rewards per matches won:

WinsCard Packs$GODSFluxCosmetic Packs
01 Common
12 Common 0.75100 + 100 per win
22 Rare 1.5300 + 150 per win
32 Rare 3600 + 200 per win
43 Rare 7.51000 + 250 per win1 Cosmetic Pack
52 Epic 151500 + 300 per win1 Cosmetic Pack
64 Epic 16.52000 + 333 per win2 Cosmetic Packs
72 Legendary19.52500 + 357 per win3 Cosmetic Packs (Special 7 Wins Edition)

The Card Packs contain cards from the Core Set and Mortal Judgement. Ultimately, Sealed Card Pack rewards will contain cards from the latest expansion, plus the Core Set.

Here are the drop rates for the Cosmetic Packs:

CosmeticsRarityDrop rate
Bounty Hunter TrinketRare I7.895%
Bounty Hunter TrinketRare II5.263%
Argus’ ShieldRare I7.895%
Argus’ ShieldRare II5.263%
Selena’s BowRare I7.895%
Selena’s BowRare II5.263%
Pallas’ WandRare I7.895%
Pallas’ WandRare II5.263%
Orfeo’s MaskRare I7.895%
Orfeo’s MaskRare II5.263%
Valka’s AxeRare I7.895%
Valka’s AxeRare II5.263%
Neferu’s KhopeshRare I7.895%
Neferu’s KhopeshRare II5.263%
Sealed Mode Card BackRare I7.895%

(Special 7 Wins Edition)
RarityDrop rate
Bounty Hunter TrinketEpic I2.857%
Bounty Hunter TrinketRare I7.143%
Bounty Hunter TrinketRare II5.714%
Argus’ ShieldRare I7.143%
Argus’ ShieldRare II5.714%
Selena’s BowRare I7.143%
Selena’s BowRare II5.714%
Pallas’ WandRare I7.143%
Pallas’ WandRare II5.714%
Orfeo’s MaskRare I7.143%
Orfeo’s MaskRare II5.714%
Valka’s AxeRare I7.143%
Valka’s AxeRare II5.714%
Neferu’s KhopeshRare I7.143%
Neferu’s KhopeshRare II5.714%
Sealed Mode Card BackRare I7.143%

Why Should You Play Sealed Mode?

Sealed Mode is the latest addition to Gods Unchained game modes. This new game mode is for you if you want to:

  • Build your deck from a pool of randomized cards from 3 domains
  • Battle on a level playing field based purely on strategy and skill
  • Win Card and Cosmetic Packs rewards exclusive to Sealed Mode

If you crave the ultimate battle of wits, then enter the arena of Sealed Mode!

We can’t wait to see which Mortal masters of strategy will conquer this challenge.

Sealed Mode: Only the skilled dare enter.

Coming September 14th at 11am AET

Play Gods Unchained

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