Etherbots Balance Patch Release

Howdy Mortals,

After many years gathering (Ether)dust, the Etherbots cards have finally been distributed, and with this comes a much needed balance patch to spruce them up! This patch will go live on March 22nd PST. Otherwise, we’re hard at work preparing for the Band of the Wolf release! 🐺

Balance Updates:

  • Protected Deamonbot: Rebranded to go by a new name – Protected Daemonbot
  • Magic Missile Launcher: Mana Cost increased from 4 to 5 mana
  • Arcane Sphere: Health increased from 2 to 3 health
  • Pyrocannon: Durability increased from 3 to 4
  • Aether Chest: Health increased from 6 to 9 health
  • Hasty Trade: Mana Cost decreased from 3 to 2 mana
  • Aetherrust: Mana Cost decreased from 4 to 2 mana
  • Firewall: Health increased from 5 to 9 health
  • Golden Golem: Strength and Health increased from 7/7 to 8/8
  • Protected Daemonbot: Mana Cost decreased from 5 to 4 mana
  • Howler Golem: Mana Cost decreased from 7 to 6 mana
  • Minor text changes for the following cards:
    • Pyrocannon
    • Aether Chest
    • Cryodyne Trident
    • Aetherrust
    • Firewall
    • Shadow Banisher
    • Golden Golem
    • Protected Deamonbot 

On top of this, the team is targeting a balance lock for the Etherbots set on April 28th, 2023 🔒 We will proactively communicate if any major balance issues arise that puts this date at risk.

Remember, if you stand still, the Atlantean Rex can’t see you 👀 Thanks for reading! 

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