Winter Wanderlands: Balance Lock

Howdy Mortals,

We know you’ve been wondering whether there would be a Winter Wanderlands Balance Patch. The balance time period for the Winter Wanderlands set was set for 6 weeks after the release. With that, we’re approaching the date rapidly! We wanted to inform the community that there will be no changes going forward to the balance of the Winter Wanderlands set. We wanted to try launching a set without needing to balance it post-launch.

Yes, you’ve read that right! That means that the balance of the set will be locked officially on January 25th, 2023 with no changes going forward.

We’ve heard the concerns in regards to Selena, however we have decided to go ahead with the set being balanced as is. We were satisfied with the current balance and hope to see you in the future, whether it is via Discord discussing balance or in a future blog.

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