Fusing of Welcome Set cards in the Forge is now available

Greetings Mortals,

2023 will be an eventful year, and I come bearing the first bit of exciting news! Beginning tomorrow, players can fuse Meteorite or higher-quality Welcome Set cards in the Forge to create Shadow, Gold, or Diamond copies of cards! Are you ready for Diamond Wild Hog or Vanguard Axewoman? We’ve heard your calls for ‘wen’ Welcome Set Fusing, so tomorrow is the DAY. 

Until now, players could only fuse cards from sets or the Core Set Refresh in the Forge. We heard your feedback on purchasing Welcome card copies from the Star Store with no ability to fuse them in-game. With this new update, all Mortals of Eucos can make their way into the Forge with Meteorite or higher-quality Welcome Set cards to begin fusing.

Our community is at the heart of the game, and this release is long overdue. With the launch of Daily Play & Earn mid-last year, this feature is critical to maximizing the rewards from Daily Play & Earn because higher quality cards get more Fragments. Now, with the ability for all Mortals to use their Star Store-bought Welcome Set cards, one can max out on rewards every single day! The other added utility is for Mortals to trade (buy or sell) their Welcome Set cards on the marketplace, which was otherwise impossible.

Are you excited about being able to fuse your Welcome Set cards? I truly believe the community will significantly benefit from and shall thank the gods for all the added rewards they’ll receive during Daily Play & Earn and from the IMX marketplace! 

See you in the Forge, Mortal!

When will I be able to fuse Welcome Set cards?

All players can begin fusing Meteorite or higher Quality Welcome Set Cards from tomorrow, 18th January 2023, around 10 am AET.

Can I fuse all Welcome Set cards?

Players can begin fusing Meteorite or higher Quality Welcome Set Cards from tomorrow, 18th January 2023, around 10 am AET to create Shadow, Gold, or Diamond copies of cards! 

How can I fuse Welcome Set cards?

Fusing is very simple and self-explanatory. Head over to the Forge and the UI will take you through all the steps, or get a refresher with this article on Shine Fusing.

What are the benefits of fusing Welcome Set Cards? 

Players have two main benefits for fusing Welcome Set cards; 1. Welcome Set cards are very common in Daily Play & Earn, and players will now have the ability to maximize the reward potential from the Ranked Mode while using higher-quality cards. 2. Players can finally trade their cards on the marketplace! 

Why was the Welcome Set card fusing unavailable earlier?

Welcome cards are given to all new players when they download the game and there were technical limitations that didn’t allow the fusing of all Welcome Set cards. The solution, therefore, seeks to increase the utility of Meteorite and higher-quality Welcome Cards, and we are developing another solution to mint Welcome cards for launch at a later date.

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