Patch Notes: 0.79

Howdy Mortals,

This patch will just have a few bug fixes! This patch will go live on December 13th at 4PM PST. Otherwise, we’re getting ready for the Winter Wanderland release! ❄


  • Tutorial Missions 2 and 3 soft lock fixes when card attacks are quickly spammed.
  • Thresher Bug: Effect no longer incorrectly deals damage to all enemy creatures.
  • Shines On Us All: Delve effect now works when targeting an Anim that is summoned by Daemonic Offering.
  • Neferu, Champion of Death: Now pulls into the player’s hand properly after playing a card that triggers afterlife (e.g. Spirit Storm).
  • False Peace: 2nd effect now works when playing it while there is no enemy creature on board.

    Thanks for reading!

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