Community Contest 3 Winners

GM Mortals! Yet another week has passed so swiftly. Here in Eucos the days are shortening and nights get longer. Do you feel the chill in your abodes too? Look at me rambling, you’re only here to hear about the rewards for Community Contest 3.

Let’s get right to it then, this week we saw many vanquished as they failed to use the correct decks. The Divine Conflict had but one decree use decks that contain atleast one card from Death, Nature, or War, aka be devoted to one of these domains.

The victor list is right here, did you make the cut, oh mighty Mortal? Community Contest Week 3 Winner List.

To recap where we’re at, the Community Contest commenced three weeks ago. It was a way to demonstrate strength and choose the best players from all the realms.

Fret not, you still have a week to go. Coming up next is Stuff of Legends from 6 Dec-9 Dec 00:00 UTC. If you haven’t already make your way into the Arena to participate. Remember, your deck must contain AT LEAST 10 Legendary Cards.

Please check out the official blog post and reward structure on Community Contests for more information. Prepare your decks, and visit GUDecks to check out the active contests! Until next week.
Community Contest Week 3 Winner List – please be patient, all winners will receive their $GODS in the following week.

Good luck, Mortal!

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