Community Contest 2 Winners

Greeting, Mortals; it is I, Citadel Herald bringing you this week’s mighty warriors’ rewards. As you know, here in Eucos, we’ve got all the tribes competing over $GODS tokens each week with deck-building conquests. 

Week 1 – War of Aggression saw victors from all realms. In case you missed it, glance through week 1 winner’s blog post to check if you made the cut. 

Week 2 – Golden Age is now complete, and I present to you the winners of this contest. Do note to participate in this challenge, one must have built decks with Genesis, Trial of the Gods, and Divine order sets ONLY. Without further ado, let’s look at the winner list

If you haven’t participated yet, there is still time, Mortal. There are only two weeks left for the event, and I’d love for you to sharpen your blades.  

Community Contest is live for only two more weeks! We’d love mortals to participate and reap the rewards far and wide. The rest of the schedule is here:

  • 29 Nov-2 Dec 00:00 UTC: Divine Conflict: Your deck must contain a Card from Death, Nature, or War, aka be devoted to one of these domains.
  • 6 Dec-9 Dec 00:00 UTC: Stuff of Legends: Your deck must contain AT LEAST 10 Legendary Cards.

Please check out the official blog post and reward structure on Community Contests for more information. Prepare your decks, and visit GUDecks to check out the active contests! Until next week, Mortal!
Winners – Sheet here

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