Balance Update: November

Greetings Mortals, it’s time for the November Balance Update! With this update we have completed some changes to the Mortal Judgement set!

With this set, the design intent was to redesign several not played cards, raise the card win ratios, and ensure that the designs of the cards were less clunky.


  • Pyromancy Mentor – Card Changed
    • Change mana cost from 8 to 4
    • Change stats from 1/9 to 4/4
    • Change text from:
      After an enemy creature takes damage, give +2 strength to your weakest creature. Roar: deal 1 damage to each enemy.
      Creatures damaged by this creature get burn +3. 
  • Lootable Corpse – Card Changed
    • Change stats from 1/1 to 0/1
    • Change text from:
      Afterlife: Give +2 strength to a random friendly creature.
      Afterlife: Draw a card.
  • Crystaltech Scholar and Crystaltech Warlock – Text Changed
    • Change text from
      Echo. Roar: Unlock a mana lock. Empower 2: Also, draw a card.
      Echo. Roar: Unlock a mana lock. Empower 2: Also, foresee 2.


  • Sneaky Bruiser – Text Changed
    • Change text from:
      Hidden for 1 turn.


  • Loam Strider – Text Changed
    • Change text from:
      Frontline. Regen 1. Give +1 strength to this creature after it is healed.
      Frontline. Regen 2. Give +1 strength to this creature after it is healed.



  • VFX
    • Updated the god power to align with the mulligan texts
    • Fix incorrect colours for mana and health texts.
    • Remove lingering soulless VFX
    • Minor performance updates

      Thank you very much for reading!

      Editors Note: Omox, and Bone Roller are not in this balance patch apologies for the inconvenience.

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