“God Powers” have been a part of the Gods Unchained battle mechanics for years and have undergone many changes. These abilities have varied in number (previously being able to choose from 5 different powers), mana cost, card text, and, most importantly, their impact during the match.

If you’ve been a dedicated player since the early days, you might even remember the “Ultimate Powers,” devastating abilities you could use just once during a match. This did pose a problem, though. Match matches tend to become monotonous and boring if everyone has access to impactful abilities. Instead, we took a different approach, and now “God Powers” are here to compliment your deck, not take the front row.

Nonetheless, greetings, Mortals! And welcome to the “Gods Powers” in Gods Unchained. This article will cover what “God Powers” are, their stats, and their abilities as of November 2022. Be sure to watch out for the Patch Notes and Dev Updates in the future, as these cards are not set in stone and might receive further buffs or nerfs.

What Are “God Powers”?

God Powers” are cards you pick when first arriving at the arena right before the match starts. You will be given a choice to pick one of 3 available powers.

Like regular cards, each “God Power” costs mana to cast and may be offensive, defensive, or even summon a unit. Choose any of the options available. You may want to pick one that makes up for a weakness in your deck, or you feel like it will come in handy during the match.

Just be attentive, and don’t forget to pick one of the powers. You have a time limit to decide, which can be seen as the blue bar on top of your screen.

After choosing the card, it will always be available in the top right corner of your profile picture. You can also see the mana cost, and when hovering above the card, you can read the card text.

Figuring out which ability best suits your needs might take time, and at the end of the day, these powers are just meant to complement your deck, not be the centerpiece of it. You are completely free to ignore them and build a complete deck without considering these cards. 

The choice is your Mortal, do what you think is best!

Individual God Powers

Each God has access to 3 unique powers. You cannot use one God’s power with the deck dedicated to another. Here is a full list of all the “God Powers” in each domain.

Magic: Pallas has the answer

Magic has a good mix of utility, damage, and just a sprinkle of random chance.

  • Clear Mind: Clear mind will give you the “Foresee 2” effect, allowing you to put up to two cards you were going to draw next to the bottom of your deck. It can be very useful if you’re trying to set up a combo.
  • Magebolt: 1 damage may not be amazing, but just for 2 mana, you can finish off a low-health pesky enemy, potentially saving your creatures. It can come in a clutch, so don’t sleep on it.
  • Pallas’ Genius: Adds a random 1 mana magic spell to your hand. This one is a gamble but can potentially pay off. Use at your own risk.

Light: Lysander stands strong

Light provides a lot of utility and allows clever trades with weakness and healing spells.

  • Heal: Pretty self-explanatory. It can help one of your creatures stay alive for a turn to deliver the finishing blow.
  • Summon Acolyte: Summons a unit of Acolyte with 2 health and 2 damage. The summoned unit does not have any special abilities. 
  • Lysander’s Honor: A good old weakness spell.

Nature: Selena shoots through

Nature excels at low-cost spells, and the “God Powers” act well with the rest of the domain, allowing for cheap heals and affordable cannon fodder.

  • Flourish: For just one mana, you can heal your creatures. While the heal isn’t much, you can use it every turn, which will surely add up.
  • Animal Bond: Summons a Badger with 1 damage and 2 health points. The summoned creatures have the effect “Confused” and have a 50% chance to attack a random enemy not chosen by the player. (Disclaimer: No badgers were harmed during the creation of this card) 
  • Selena’s Mark: A powerful ability to heal your own God, provided you have an enemy to attack.

Death: Neferu gives her all

Death deals with health points. Take some damage, heal it back, and take some more. A good mix of damage and utility can be found in his kit.

  • Soul Burn: “If I’m going down, you’re going down with me!” It might seem counterintuitive to take damage voluntarily, but remember, you can heal it back; the opponent probably not. 
  • Blood Ritual: 2 mana cost might seem a bit much for 1 damage, but remember, Blood Ritual can ignore effects like “protect” and other similar abilities.
  • Neferu’s Sacrifice: A powerful ability indeed. In a TCG, spells that can draw cards are naturally powerful. Just be careful not to take too much damage and give your opponent the opportunity to strike.

War: Valka slays

Strength, Damage, War! A straightforward pack of abilities, but they can accomplish much if used right.

  • Enrage: Best used on a creature with good health points or one just about to bite the dust. Let your creature go out in glory with a stringer attack.
  • Slayer: Use this to punish decks that focus too much on defense and drag a match out. War doesn’t wait for anyone.
  • Valka’s Presence: Summons a unit of Valknir Raider. The summoned creature has no special abilities.

Deception: Orfeo is (truly) hypnotic

Deception is much less straightforward than War, but nonetheless, the domain offers very powerful and high-utility spells.

  • Thievery: A very powerful spell if you know when and how to use it. Thievery does require a decent about of game knowledge, as stealing a 1 mana card from your opponent’s domain may not be the most optimal move, and the 2 mana cost can be used for a better move.
  • Flip: Draw 2 cards and shuffle them into your deck. It can be an excellent tool if you’re setting up a powerful combo and are looking for that final piece of the puzzle.
  • Orfeo’s DIstraction: Deal 1 damage to a creature and give the “Hidden” effect. While the ability might be situational, some crazy plays can certainly be made with it if all the cards align.

Like everything in the game, “God powers” are subject to change, and we’re not talking about just regular buffs and nerfs. Look out for the patch notes and changes in future Dev updates.

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We hope this article has proved useful in your journey, Mortal, and we wish you the best of luck in conquering the ranked ladder!

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