Introducing Community Contest

Mortals, you ask, and we deliver! You have consistently requested for game variations, modes, and challenges, and now, a part of that dream has become a reality! We’ve partnered with TokenTrove, one of the most trusted marketplaces on Immutable, to spice up your daily engagement with Gods Unchained. Here’s your chance to compete with friends (or foes) using specific deck compositions during Daily Play & Earn! The reward? A handsome amount of $GODS. 

In this blog post, we outline everything you need to know about Community Contest – yes, the new and improved version of Community Quests based on all your feedback!

What Is Community Contest

Community Contest is a set of weekly trials where you, Mortal, will be challenged to build your deck to meet certain conditions. The event will take place from Tuesday 00:00 UTC to Friday 00:00 UTC of each week during Daily Play & Earn, and the challenge will change each week. But rest easy; Weekend Ranked will not be affected and will proceed as always, for this event will begin 12 hours after Weekend Ranked is completed. 

Each week you will need to alter your deck to fit the challenge, and if you prevail over your opponent, you will be rewarded generously! 

This initial trial run of the Community Contest will run over the course of 4 weeks. After this has concluded, we will re-evaluate the mode based on performance metrics and your extremely valuable feedback, so please let us know what you think!

To compete, visit GUDecks to check out the active contests. Strategically build decks to meet the eligibility criteria set forth and outsmart your opponent in Daily Play & Earn to win!

Key Dates To Track

Here are the challenges that await you in the Arena.

  1. 15 Nov-18 Nov 00:00 UTC: War of Aggression: Your deck must ONLY have cards that cost 5 Mana or less.
  2. 22 Nov-25 Nov 00:00 UTC: Golden Age: Your deck must include cards from Genesis, Trial of the Gods, and Divine order sets ONLY.
  3. 29 Nov-2 Dec 00:00 UTC: Divine Conflict: Your deck must be Death, Nature, or War, aka be devoted to one of these domains. Neutral cards are eligible within these decks.
  4. 6 Dec-9 Dec 00:00 UTC: Stuff of Legends: Your deck must contain AT LEAST 10 Legendary Cards.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the event, you must participate in the Daily Play & Earn and tweak your deck to meet the requirements. You will receive points based on the rank of your opponent. The higher their rank, the more points you will earn. You will not earn any points if your opponent is Impact Meteorite or below, so keep your rank high to get matched with challenges of higher ranks. Matches against opponents of these ranks will net you points if your deck meets the requirements:

  • Astral Meteorite
  • Twilight Shadow
  • Midnight Shadow
  • Auric Gold
  • Solar Gold
  • Ethereal Diamond
  • Mythic

Feel free to check out our reward point system spreadsheet for exact numbers.

According to the top scores, the top players will receive their rewards at the end of the week, and the tie-breakers will be calculated using the total number of fragments earned from all eligible games.

Do note, NO MYTHIC Cards are allowed! 

We also have a strict anti-bot policy, and de-ranking is not allowed!

Prizes And Reward Distribution

Let’s get to the fun part. During this event, you will have a chance to win $GODS. There are several brackets you can qualify for, so let’s take a look at them.

  • The GODS rewards are not distributed evenly amongst all eligible ranks but are instead skewed towards higher ranks to disincentivize de-ranking. Link here.
  • Week 1: 20,000 GODS distributed amongst the top 20 players of each rank  from  6-12
  • Week 2: 5,000 GODS distributed amongst the top 20 players of each rank from  6-12
  • Week 3: 10,000 GODS  distributed amongst the top 40 players of each rank from  6-12
  • Week 4: 20,000 GODS distributed amongst the top 80 players of each rank from  6-12

As mentioned, eligibility and rewards will be allocated after each weekly event. Please allow a few days after each event to determine winners and post them publicly in Discord! We’ll reach out to receive your player ID, and wallet address, and all $GODS you’ve won are yours!

Closing Thoughts

Community Contest is our first major partner release. We’re proud to see it through the door! It also helps us deliver quicker and better iterations to improve gameplay with real-time feedback, so thank you for that once more! 

To participate, visit GUDecks to check out the active contests! We’d love to hear more inputs once it goes live next week for a more varied player experience. So please, keep your thoughts and feedback coming in Discord! We wish you good luck at the event, Mortals! Go forth and conquer your way to the top!


Community Contest 1 – Winners

Community Contest 2 – Winners

Community Contest 3 – Winners

Community Contest 4 – Winners yet to be decided

Frequently Asked Questions

Are mythic cards excluded from contests?

Yes, Mythic cards are excluded from this event.

Is the win rate from the first 10 games that matter, or the entire week?

You earn points based on your opponent’s rank from each of your Daily Play & Earn games, so your best bet is to play all of your Daily Play & Earn games during the active window.

Does the Community Contest start AFTER Weekend Ranked?

Yes, it begins 12 hours after Weekend Ranked is complete each week. The Community Contest starts when Daily Play & Earn games reset to ensure everyone’s games for that day can count, provided they have met the requirements.

Is there a minimum game requirement per week? As stated, rules would suggest that a player can win one game and sit on a 100% win rate.

There is no minimum game requirement, but since players earn points from winning games, both the win rate percentage and the number of wins are important. Players who play more games at the same win rate will have more points at the end of the Community Contest.

Are the Welcome and Core set cards allowed in each quest?

Yes, all cards can be used unless a certain set is specified.

Do Shiny cards earn more points?

Shiny cards don’t earn more points in this event except for the tiebreaker, which is based on Daily Play & Earn fragments earned during that period.

Clarification for Week 3. What does “must contain cards from Death, Nature or War” mean? You can only use 1 domain per deck (Neutral excluded).

The requirement here is to play with only Death, Nature, or War decks, as cards from any other domain (Magic, Light, or Deception) will not count for this Community Contest.

With a deception spell, we can draw three T1 war cards. Will this disqualify us if no War cards are allowed for a challenge?

Community Contest requirements apply to deck composition, not cards used during the match. As long as all 30 of your cards in the deck you are using meet the requirements, you will be eligible to receive points and compete for rewards.

Why is the Community Contest part of Ranked mode?

We know that some of you would be questioning why Community Contest is utilizing “Ranked” instead of other modes such as casual. The reason for that is due to the tie-breaker system, which implements the Daily Play & Earn Fragments to do so. Depending on how Community Contest is received by the community, if we do decide to continue running once the initial four weeks of challenges are complete, we will be looking to explore other options to continue enhancing the experience.

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