Cosmic Clues

I may have found something incredible.

There are many Creation stories explaining how everything began. What if they are wrong? 

For the Valknir, a great smith honed mortals as weapons for the God of War to wield. For the Amazons, the world tree – its roots fed by the God of Nature’s gifts – blossomed into Eucos. 

Whatever the case, each prOposes one of the six gods had a hand in creation. This is only the beginning of my investigation, but I believe there is something greater at work.

EucoS is constantly at the behest of the gods’ will, and the world as we know it is currently plunged into chaos. DeMogorgons, eclipses, abominations – these are occurrences that point to a fundamental instability with the world. Are the gods then archItects of this instability or do they also feel its effects? 

In my home, we do not worship the gods. We simply acknowledge their power. They are primordial forCes, much like the tide or the wind and as such can be studied, measured, and perhaps even controlled. 

The followers of Light, Deception, Magic, War, Death, and Nature would call me a heretic and put me to death for penning these wordS. When I studied at the Academy of Mystic Arts, I hesitated to share my questions. Yet for scholars so interested in furthering their knowledge of the world, so little of their questions were about the world itself.

The Cosmos, the universe as we know it, is all around us. It’s infinite, wide, and what mysteries it holds, I do not know. But it is greater than us, and – dare I say it – I believe it to be greater than the gods tHemselves.

The Academy archives have ancient scrolls that point to this instability being a regular part of how the Cosmos functions. Anubian scrolls pointed to famIne, plagues, and wars that then led to a change in how a domain functioned and a period of prolonged peace. These can be small – a species of insect goes extinct aFter a plague, a squadron disappears without a trace during an outburst of war – or large – the calamity of the demigods war and the quiet moments that followed. This phenomenon is a way for the Cosmos to bring the domains back into cosmic alignment. We are all part of the Cosmos, and I do not think we have seen the last of these . . . corrections.

There are also stories of the gods themselves in the archives. The gods sEem mercurial across each age, as if after some of these occurrences personalities have fundamentally changed. How is this possible if the gods are all powerful beings? 

In the archives, before I lefT, I found a trail that I think might be the key to observing these shifts. I leave it Here for those of you to follow.


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