An Update on Multi-accounting

Hi Mortals,

With the exciting launch of Daily Play & Earn this week, alongside the return of the Refer-A-Friend program, we want to reiterate our policies and make the rules around our Terms of Service clearer:

As a reminder, the following behaviours violate our Terms of Service and are bannable offences:

  • Using third party applications to cheat or exploit the game
  • Using third party applications to take actions on your behalf (botting or scripting)
  • Creating and using multiple accounts to qualify for multiple rewards 
  • Account sharing and card-sharing to qualify for multiple rewards
  • Win-trading or match-fixing


Over the past months, we have focused on improving detections of bots in preparation for the launch of Daily Play & Earn and our Referral Program. We have systems in place to detect and punish bots prior to releasing rewards so that rewards are earned by actual players. All bot accounts will be permanently banned and disqualified from receiving rewards. 


Multi-accounting in an attempt to qualify for and/or earn multiple rewards affects the health of our game and economy negatively and creates an uneven playing field for the rest of the community. We have been taking further steps to combat multi-accounting and have banned over 200 accounts earlier this week and will continue to do so regularly.

Card Cooldown Rule

As suggested by the community, we are implementing a ‘Cooldown Rule’ on card transfers. Each card may earn rewards for at most one account per day, unless traded on the open market. Each ‘day’ resets after 00:00 UTC, at the same time that Daily Play & Earn resets. 

Any account that uses the same cards as another account to earn multiple sets of rewards within a day will be banned as multi-account players. 

Players who are caught multi-accounting will be banned for 7 days and will not be eligible for rewards. We will take action against all associated accounts. If it is a repeated offence, all accounts will be permanently banned. Depending on the severity of the offense, a player could be permanently banned on their first offense.

While we can’t reveal the specifics on all our detection methods, we can reassure players that we are committed to accuracy. 

The Road Ahead

Thank you very much for your feedback, patience and dedication to the game. We know that combating cheaters is an ever-evolving arms race and we will continue to improve our systems and strategies to stay ahead of bad actors looking to abuse our systems. We will continue to review our systems and policies holistically to ensure that we create an even playing field and a fair environment for everyone.

See you in the arena!

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