Weekend Ranked update: Maximum Games to Play

From 25 to only 18!

Hi mortals! It’s time for the next update (and probably the most anticipated one too!) we are introducing to Weekend Ranked. Based on feedback that we have received from the community, one of the key areas we are looking to address with these changes to Weekend Ranked are the number of games required to complete the event. This will hopefully mean that more of our players will have the time to engage competitively in the event, earn the best prizes they can and spend time over the weekends with loved ones!

Based on feedback that we have received from the community, one of the key areas we are looking to address with this update to Weekend Ranked is the number of games required to complete the event. Currently, you must play 25 games to receive the maximum rewards possible. While players can quit early and walk away with some rewards, the amount of game time required to reach the higher reward tiers was significant. We have listened to your thoughts on this and are making a pretty substantial adjustment to the number of games required to complete Weekend Ranked.

Based on gameplay data, we have decided to reduce the number of games from 25 down to 18. This will still be a bit of a stretch to achieve, but the game time over the weekend for 18 wins is much more in line with what we view as a healthy level of engagement with Gods Unchained. This change has come with some adjustments to Card Pack rewards, but overall expect to see the amount of Card Packs you can earn remain similar to what you were previously able to achieve.

There have also been minor adjustments to the $GODS point rewards for each result, but this is still using the same algorithm and has simply been adjusted to account for 18 rather than 15 wins. The point of earning points towards $GODS rewards has risen slightly in the lower ranks but is at about the same win rate percentage as it was previously.

Go HERE to see what the updated rewards look like. 

Please note that the other reward avenues for Weekend Ranked, such as the Elite Prizes and the What a Mortal reward will remain unchanged.

We hope that this change will allow many more of you to reach the end of the Weekend Ranked event!

InFinitySquid, Product Manager of Monetization

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