Mortal Judgement – Available Now

Mortal Judgement is here! There's a lot to experience, so let's dive in.

The final major expansion set of Season 1: Champions Rise is here! There’s a whole lot to experience, so we’ve bundled all the info in one place for you.

  • Explore the expansion
  • Collect the whole set
  • Uncover the story
  • Learn about card design
  • Trade your cards

Explore the expansion

The Mortal Judgement expansion adds 190+ cards to Gods Unchained, a one-of-a-kind Mythic card, and three new keywords: Empower, Echo, and Tempt Fate. Learn all about these new features and more below.

Collect the whole set

The new cards are waiting for you, mortal! There are four kinds of packs in the Gods Unchained shop, each delivering 5 cards of varying rarity each.

If you are having trouble deciding which one is perfect for you, check out our Buyers Guide.

Uncover the story

There’s a rich world behind the Mortal Judgement set. With the gods chained, the mortal realm of Eucos is thrown into chaos and all eyes turn to the champions. Follow our six heroes as they navigate a godless realm. Huge battles, hidden mysteries, and plenty of adventure await.

Can’t be bothered with text? Watch the stories performed LIVE by the voice of Citadel Herald: TriggerHaven!

Learn about card design

A lot goes into designing a new card set. Have a peep behind the curtain with VideoJames and Kelsey Gamble around what went into Mortal Judgement that made it what it is today.

Trade your cards

Cards can be purchased or sold to other players in the game, a function made possible thanks to the nature of NFTs! This allows you to pinpoint cards you are after, and craft the perfect deck for you. Conversely, if you have cards you no longer need, you can sell them to another player who has the need!

Unsure how to get started? Follow our guide to setting up a wallet to store your cards in so you can get trading!

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