Mortal Judgement: The Set

Check out the complete Mortal Judgement card set!

NOTE: Balance changes will not be reflected in this page. After launch, refer to the game launcher for updated cards.

Mortal Judgement brings 190+ new cards to the Arena, alongside new lore, and three new keywords. Ahead of launch (late April), here’s the full card list to help you envision your best deck.

We’ll be running a preview of the Mortal Judgement set on PTR 8pm April 11 PDT – 8pm April 13 PDT. Anyone who has created an account before 7am April 10 PDT will be able to take part, and you’ll have access to all the cards during the preview.

Note: These cards are accurate as of 10:30am April 8 PDT and will not reflect any balance changes that may have been made after that date.

For more on the Mortal Judgement expansion, head to the expansion page.








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