State of the Beta – March 2022

Game Director Chris Clay sounds off on what's to come in 2022, including daily play and earn and the next expansion.

Hey all,

We’ve landed into 2022 and the world is looking mighty different. We’ve used the start of the year to take a step back to look at where we’ve been, where we’re going, and where we want to be, and have been setting some exciting plans in place to align with and achieve those goals and values. We’re also growing rapidly as a company and as a game. In case you missed it, our gameplay numbers soared when Blessing of the $GODS was active over the holidays, and our user count is higher than ever even after eliminating bots. What’s more, Immutable has hit some huge strides with latest funding, and this has allowed us to continue to expand our rapidly growing team with some big hires who can really shake up the space and help us take Gods Unchained and its ecosystem to the next level.

Today’s beats:

  • Terminology: ‘Play & Earn’ in, ‘Play to Earn’ out
  • Expanding the team
  • Daily Play & Earn
  • Automation across the board
  • Minting and migration
  • Core shine fusing
  • $GODS staking and governance
  • The next expansion…
  • Community questions quick-fire
  • Join us for a livestream!

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