Core Set Refresh: All Cards

A complete list of the fresh new Core set.

Update: Core Set Refresh is live! Check out the latest changes in-game, or have a look at which cards have had a domain switch in the launch blog here.

The Core Set Refresh takes the main free to play set of Gods Unchained and gives it an overhaul, adding 70 new cards and revisiting a portion of the existing set. There’s fresh new art, utility, and power to be found here, and it all hits the beta realm March 7 @ 5pm PST.

To give you a head start, here’s a look at the entire set.

Alternatively, you can view the set as a PDF: New cards || Refreshed || All cards


Wondering what in the nine realms the Core set is? Why it’s getting a refresh? Or the difference between sets? Have a browse below:

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