Express yourself with Emotes!

GG! Now you can give a big ol' "Hiii" to other mortals.

Ever wanted to share your excitement during a match? Maybe you’ve wanted to congratulate your opponent, or truly show your despair when a card gets stomped? Well now you can with emotes! 

The starter set

The starter emote set consists of six emotes, all inspired by cards from various Gods Unchained sets. The best bit? The starter set is free for all mortals!

The starter set consists of purely cosmetic, non-tradable items to be used in-game. As we launch more emotes in the future, you may start to see different kinds of emotes entering the ecosystem. 

Show ‘em how you really feel

Emotes are a way to add a bit more personality to your play. As of now, these are accessible to all mortals during a match – being selectable from your nameplate in the bottom-right of the Arena screen. 

If your opponent is running wild with their emotes (for example: a 24/7 party animal may spam party sheep 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) you can easily mute them. Just click their emote icon on your opponent’s nameplate and that sheep will go to sleep on your screen, without interrupting the opponent’s endless party parade on their screen.

Get our there and strut your stuff, mortals!

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