Play & Earn event: $GODS rewards part IV

The final retrospective $GODS rewards are now claimable. Go get 'em mortals.

The final chunk of retrospective $GODS rewards are claimable, mortals! As of Jan 29, you can claim the final part of your Play to Earn rewards from the $GODS claims page.

For those who aren’t up to speed, check out our Play to Earn Event blog to see if you qualified. These rewards are available to those who had been playing Gods Unchained pre-$GODS token, supporting our Genesis and Trial of the Gods sets.

50% of the reward tokens for each wallet were immediately claimable, while the remaining 50% was organised to be distributed in 3 tranches, at 30 day intervals: Day 30, Day 60 and Day 90 (we are now here!) from the first day of the distribution.

To claim $GODS tokens, eligible players must link their wallets to the Immutable X marketplace and play a game of Gods Unchained. The token rewards must be claimed by the 28th April 2022, 23:59 PDT. After this date, all unclaimed tokens will be forfeited.

See you in the Arena mortals,

Citadel Herald

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