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Did you collect Flux before The Forge reopened? Then you've got some $GODS waiting for you!

Did you collect Flux before The Forge reopened? Then you’ve got some $GODS waiting for you, mortal!

As mentioned when The Forge returned, $GODS tokens are being rewarded to those who collected Flux prior to fusing returned.

Flux is an in-game resource that you can earn by playing Ranked mode in Gods Unchained. You can then combine this resource with the $GODS token to fuse your Plain cards into tradable Meteorite cards.

The amount of $GODS you’ll receive will be in relation to how much Flux you had when the Flux snapshot was taken at 2021-10-26 12:03:15pm PDT. As to the actual amount, you’ll receive 0.0054 $GODS / Flux accumulated.

If you’ve spent the Flux you saved up fusing since The Forge reopened, don’t stress! You’ll still be eligible if you had Flux at the time of the snapshot.

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