$GODS on Coinbase Pro

‘Tis the season for $GODS: Coinbase, one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges by volume and popularity, has declared that it will be adding support for $GODS on Coinbase Pro. The announcement highlights that after sufficient supply of $GODS is established on the exchange, trading for the GODS-USD and GODS-USDT order books will launch in phases.

What’s the difference between Coinbase Pro and Coinbase you ask? Coinbase Pro is designed for experienced investors and advanced users, it also unlocks lower fees and access to advanced charts. Coinbase Pro features cryptocurrencies before Coinbase offers them on Coinbase.com and the consumer mobile apps. A separate announcement will be made when support is added on these platforms.

Recently, Gods Unchained logged 50,000 weekly active users, distributed Blessing of the Gods rewards and activated the Forge on top of Immutable, the Ethereum layer 2 solution for scaling NFTs. So while players continue to benefit from a medley of Play to Earn mechanisms and low gas fees, we’re making sure new mortals get an opportunity to join the Play to Earn movement and move up the ranks.  

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