December 2021


Claim your Flux rewards

Did you collect Flux before The Forge reopened? Then you’ve got some $GODS waiting for you!


Best Friends: The Man’s Hat

“I’ve never met a badger before. What’s your name?” “Badger,” said Badger. “A fine name for a badger, my name is Eagle, like all eagles.”


Balance Update – Divine Order Dec 13

The Divine Order balancing phase is in full swing. During this time, these cards can be altered before having their utility locked off for good!


$GODS on Coinbase Pro

‘Tis the season for $GODS: Coinbase, one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges by volume and popularity, has declared that it


Game Update 0.42 – Hidden Fixes

Game Update 0.42 has just hit the launcher mortals, and it’s full of a buncha’ good stuff. Keen to know


The Forge Reopens

The day has finally arrived, mortals. The Forge is once again functioning in all it’s beautiful, play to earn glory!