State of the Beta – November 2021

Game Director Chris Clay takes a look at the current State of the Beta – where we're at, and where we're going!

Hey all,

It’s hard to believe that we’re coming up on the end of 2021, so much has happened in blockchain gaming and for GU over the past year that it’s easy to miss how far the space has come. The launch of Immutable X to solve both environment and cost sustainability issues, Divine Order as the first completely L2 set, and $GODS and Play to Earn to name just a few.

We still have plenty left to accomplish in the time that remains this year, and so much more to achieve in 2022. With this State of the Beta, I thought we’d look at three main areas: the evolution of Play to Earn, Gods Unchained: the game, and Gods Unchained on Immutable X.

It’s a chunky one! So here’s a list of contents before you dive in!

  • Intro
    • A foundational year
  • Play to Earn updates:
    • Blessing of the $GODS
    • Daily P2E with $GODS
    • The Forge
    • Weekend Ranked
  • Game updates
    • Stability & growth
    • On Collection Titles
    • Scaling card sets
    • World Tournament
    • Mobile
  • Gods Unchained on Immutable X
    • Wallet upgrades
    • Star Store cards & ERC-20 assets
    • Game developers & the blockchain
    • Environmental sustainability
  • Roadmap

Check out the full State of the Beta and join the discussion over on the Gods Unchained Reddit.

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