$GODS is coming to Coinlist!

$GODS Token Public Sale

Gods Unchained is launching a public sale of the $GODS token on CoinList. This sale is lucrative for both active players and crypto savants and is intended to build community engagement and stimulate the Gods Unchained economy.

$GODS Token Overview

The $GODS token is an ERC-20 token designed to become the main currency of Gods Unchained. The token can be used by players to buy and create NFTs, earn active staking rewards, and participate in governance activities. NFTs created with $GODS can then be used in-game, or sold on the Immutable X Marketplace or third-party platforms. Want to know more? Deep dive into the world of $GODS in our whitepaper.

Total $GODS Supply and Schedule

Before we go to the details of the sale itself (and to save you diving through that monumental whitepaper), let’s take a quick look at the token supply:

$GODS has a fixed and total supply of 500,000,000 tokens allocated to six different areas. 

  • Play to Earn Rewards (34%): If you play Gods Unchained, you know what this is. Play to earn, being the key value proposition of the game, has the largest token allocation, which is reserved for the rewards pool. You’ll earn these rewards through the in-game campaigns of quests, seasonal bonuses, tournaments, and so on.

    Schedule: Unlocks over six years, with issuance beginning two months after the token generation event.
  • Gods Unchained Reserve (25%): This portion is allocated to Gods Unchained Pty Ltd, the development team behind the Gods Unchained game (a subsidiary owned by Immutable) for the development of the $GODS token.

Schedule: Unlocks over 48 months with a 12-month cliff.

  • Community and Ecosystem Fund (20.5%): This significant investment is a tremendous incentive for community building and engagement. This refers to those activities which cannot be quantified but add value to the game’s economy and community. This fund includes community activations, tournaments, engagements, content creators, grants, and more. 

Schedule: Unlocked over six years.

  • Token Sale (7%): Finally, we have the Public Sale, with a whopping 7% token allocation. Like the play to earn events, this sale aims to encourage early use of the token and accumulate more resources to develop the game while simultaneously raising the value for all the participants in the ecosystem.

Schedule: Unlocked over 12 months.

Public Sale of $GODS

7% of the total token allocation (a total of 35,000,000 $GODS tokens) will be available to purchase during the Public Sale on CoinList. This will be the only time $GODs will be sold to the wider public.  The Public Sale will assist in forming a strong basis for our play to earn future, while also encouraging new enthusiasts to dive into the world of Gods Unchained.

Regardless of whether you’re an active player looking forward to buying some $GODS or just a crypto enthusiast looking for a new opportunity, the sale will be available on October 13th, 2021 (UTC) (eligibility is affected by region restrictions, as per CoinList’s legal policy)

New to CoinList? No stress. Here’s how you can purchase $GODS: 

First, make an account on CoinList, which will take only a few minutes, then register for the Gods Unchained sale at https://coinlist.co/gods-unchained. 


This message is provided by Gods Unchained Corporation, the issuer of the $GODS token, through Immutable Pty. Ltd. as God Unchained Corporation’s independent and exclusive service provider for the issuance of the $GODS token.

Restriction to US persons may apply. Please see our website for full legal disclaimer https://support.godsunchained.com/hc/en-us/articles/4407181990799.

Public sale not available to U.S. persons and other restricted jurisdictions including Australia, China, HK and Canada. Please also refer to Coinlist Terms & Conditions.

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