September 2021


$GODS is coming to Coinlist!

$GODS Token Public Sale Gods Unchained is launching a public sale of the $GODS token on CoinList. This sale is


Divine Order: War Without End

With the gods chained, the fate of Eucos lies with the demigods… and they don’t see eye to eye.


Divine Order: Six Triumphs

The gods’ plan is coming to fruition now the champions have proven themselves worthy… but what do they really want?


Divine Order: Buyers Guide

The new expansion set brings powerful new cards and mechanics. Here’s all the info on cards, prices, and card packs.


Orfeo’s Trial

The Champion of Deception is sets out to slay a Hydra, but there’s more afoot than the Gods let on…


Game Update 0.39 – A Divine Shift

Well lookee here! There’s a large amount of new content dropping with 0.39, and all of this could spell a


Valka’s Trial

The Champion of War is sent to trial by the God of Deception, but how do you fight a shadow?


Lysander’s Trial

The Champion of Light embarks on a peaceful pilgrimage, but the God of War has other plans.


Neferu’s Trial

The Champion of Death scales the looming trial set by the God of Light.


Pallas’ Trial

The Champion of Magic descends into the depths to confront those wayward souls that linger on the edge of Death’s dark realm.