Game Update 0.37 – It’s alive, IT’S ALIVE!

Neferu has returned from the Death god's domain, and she's brought Corrupt Ceremony with her.

Game Update 0.37 has sprung to life, and with it comes new and reanimated goodies. Cards that were previously unlived are back, and a slew of improvements have been implemented for game reconnections. 

Check out the full list below:


  • ‘Neferu, Champion of Death’ relived: She cannot be kept down! The champion that refuses to die has risen once again. 0.37 fixes an exploitable soft-lock that occurred when targeting ‘Neferu, Champion of Death’ after playing the card twice in one turn. As a result, ‘Neferu, The Champion of Death’ is once again playable in the Arena. 
  • ‘Corrupt Ceremony’ relived: No longer corrupted, ‘Corrupt Ceremony’ is back in the game as the exploitable soft lock keeping this card unlived has now been fixed.
  • A double fix for ‘Hierophant Silenus’: We’ve fixed two two bugs here. This card was having unintended interactions with ‘Wildroot Staff’ and ‘Balthazar, Blood Magus’. These have been squashed and they all get along once again. 
  • ‘Magic Missile Launcher’ now healed: ‘Magic Missile Launcher’ now heals your god as intended, regardless of how many creatures are on the board. Pew pew pew!
  • ‘The Trial Begins‘ soft-lock fixes: This card would lead to soft-locks in a few instances. The most severe of these have been fixed, but we will continue to monitor this card to ensure it is functioning as intended.

Reconnect improvements:

  • There were some situations where mana pips would not display correctly after a reconnect, these have been fixed.
  • A superfluous reconnect message can no longer appear after the game has ended.
  • Attacking immediately after a reconnect will now be visible to your opponent without delay.
  • Resolved an issue where a disconnect could pause the game for the wrong player.
  • Added functionality to inform players any time their opponent disconnects, even when their opponent has run out of pause time.
  • Matches now pause as intended when the player going first disconnects at the mulligan or god power stage.
  • You will now see disconnect alerts in instances where both you and your opponent have disconnected, but only you return.

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