Game Update 0.31 – Picking Up the Pace!

Let's get this show on the road! We're speeding things up in this release.

Update 0.31 – Picking Up the Pace! adds some quality of life improvements to the game. This release addresses some animation changes from 0.30, as well as further improvements to message boxes within the launcher and the game.

At Full Throttle

After the release of the previous update, Update 0.30, we noticed that the attack animation of Creatures within the game had slowed significantly. With 0.31, the tween curves have been manually restored. This means that the feel and motion of previous attack animations should now be back to normal!

Extra Work on Disconnections

Sometimes, when players disconnected from the internet during the games loading screen or had other issues occur, no error message would be prompted and they would be stuck infinitely loading. We’ve now corrected this, and the error prompt will now appear as intended.

In addition, the team has tweaked some settings which mean that game results will record now if the game reaches God Power selection. This means that players will receive losses if they concede beyond this point in attempts to dodge other players.

Proper Alignment

And finally, some of our previous releases had unintended flow-on effects to our tutorial, causing some message boxes to become unaligned. We have corrected these so that now they’re appearing in the right places.

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