Blast Wave and the Spell Sanctum

A hot fix fell from the heavens! Here's what you need to know.

Update 31 March, 2021: The Sanctum deck composition has returned to its normal state.
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Mortals! A hotfix fell from the heavens! This bundle contains a change to the god power Blastwave, as well as some changes to the Sanctum. Details below.

  • The god power Blastwave has been changed to “Deal 1 damage to a random enemy creature with the lowest health.”
  • Orfeo’s Guile should have been gaining the player cards from their opponent’s god’s domain, rather than their own. This has now been fixed.
  • The Sanctum has had temporary changes to allow for a stable Weekend Ranked, holding these until the next Update 0.30. See below:

The Spell Sanctum: Sanctum decks have been modified to only contain spells that do not require an aim target. This is a workaround for a known critical issue where some cards from the Sanctum could cause the game to lock up. It’s an interim fix and not a permanent change to ensure the stability of Weekend Ranked. When Update 0.30 drops, we’ll return to the Sanctum’s normal (and more diverse) state.

Stay sharp out there!

Citadel Herald

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