The Balancing Phase is set up to ensure new cards are a healthy addition to the game as a whole before having their values locked off for good.

Updated 11/23/20

The Trial of the Gods Balancing Phase will be extended until Tuesday 26 January 2021.

This is the second extension for this set and, while 30 day extensions are the norm, this one has a few extra weeks under the hood. From Dec 18–Jan 4, Immutable will be powered by a rotating skeleton crew so our staff can take time off to spend with friends, family, pets, and games. To account for the end-of-year break, this latest extension sits at 49 days. 

Overall, the post-release balancing of the Trials set is going well, but we want to be sure we have the best possible balance before we end the phase. To help speed things up, we have a Public Test Realm in the works that will give users access to a greater pool of cards during specific testing periods. When this is ready, it should have a huge impact on the balancing process as we’ll see more Trial of the Gods matchups at regular cadences.

We greatly appreciate your feedback in our Discord‘s #balance channel, and will continue to use that, alongside with our internal tools, and the data from the legends at GUDecks, to help guide our decisions. We have at least one to two balance patches before the end-of-year break, and we will re-examine the state of things come January.

~ Andrea “Seeker” Davis, Lead Game Designer

Greetings mortals! Seeker here, Lead Game Designer for Gods Unchained. Trial of the Gods has been in your hands for over a month now, and in that time we’ve seen a bunch of things shift as we get a feel for how these cards feed into the rest of the game. Some cards came out of the gates swingin’ a little too hard (*ahem* Jaguar Staff) and others have taken time to show their worth. 

For those not in the know, the Balancing Phase is set up to ensure new cards are a healthy addition to the game as a whole. This is necessary because, once the Balancing Phase ends, card stats are locked off for good. (For more on this see ‘Balancing Phase & Trading’ in the Buyers Guide.) 

We have set up checkpoints along the way, where we evaluate where these cards sit from a balance perspective. At the moment, things are still a little too skewed for our liking. Some cards are simply too powerful and others need to get a bit better. Then, of course, we need time to see how those changes hold up once you find clever ways to incorporate them into your decks.

As a result, the Trial of the Gods Balancing Phase will have its first 30-day extension. The initial section of the Balancing Phase runs for a total of 60 days, so with the addition of the new term the Trial of the Gods Balancing Phase will run until at least December 8, 2020.

Gods Unchained cards are built to last forever, minted to become as immortal as the gods themselves, so we won’t end the Balancing Phase until we’re confident that the whole set is in a good place.

As we continue to make changes, we will monitor the meta and let the data lead the way. The next evaluation point is set for late November, at which point we’ll be able to make a call on whether we can lock off stats or if there’s more to be done. 

Thanks again for playing, and for giving your feedback. We read everything in our Discord, so please let us know what you think in the #balance channel.

~ Andrea “Seeker” Davis, Lead Game Designer

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